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Big Mama's BBQ was founded in December 2017 by Edward Hall and Melvin Strong as way to bring barbecue to the Oroville area.  After working to develop an initial barbecue menu, Big Mama’s BBQ Place's soft opening was on January 19th, 2018.


The Owners:

Edward Hall is a US Navy veteran (6 ½ Years), Senior Pastor of Wynn Memorial Church, Senior Chaplain of Butte County Sheriff Department and served in various corporate roles with companies such as JPMorgan, Chase, IBM and British Telecom.  Ed's compassion is to help build empowerment programs to impact our communities by building healthy individuals, families and communities for a successful future.  His vision was birthed out of his deep concern about poor academic achievement, financial disenfranchisement, high unemployment, soaring crime levels, the desperate state of our communities and the breakdown of the family that plagues our cities, small and large, urban and rural.


Ed founded Wynn Memorial Family Empowerment Zone to assist our community by making available to them programs and strategies that address:

  • Education (Access, Excellence and Equity)
  • Economic Development (Job Training and Job Creation)
  • Crime Prevention (Reduction, Prevention and Rehabilitation)
  • Family Life (Developing Healthy Men, Women and Children)
  • Financial Literacy (Earning, Saving, Investing, and Spending Wisely)

Attacking the problem from these interrelated perspectives simultaneously will maximize the likelihood of success.


Wynn Memorial Learning Center is building a proposed 5,220sq/ft. multipurpose building in Southside Oroville to facilitate programs.  The new building consists of 60ft x80ft (4,800sq/ft.) multipurpose gym, 840sq/ft. childcare center, 420 sq./ft. commercial kitchen and restrooms.  The gym/childcare will facilitate program space in Southside Oroville to impact our communities by hosting programs as follows (Not all programs listed);


1. Sport based programs to foster a safe environment that is a gang/drug free zone.

2. Learning how to design smart applications for homes, mobile phones / tablets, and Internet.

3. Cooking, parenting, fitness, alcohol and drug counseling classes

4. Obtaining basic job skills for entry level jobs

5. Childcare center and internships to start a home-based childcare

6. Free childcare opportunities for returning to working parents who cannot afford initial childcare services

7. Entrepreneurial and business training (Bringing it to Southside)

8. Affordable rental for family and local community events


Wynn Memorial 's goal is to raise the funds to build the multipurpose building.  In addition to soliciting cash donations, we have planned a number of other fundraising events to help us reach our financial goals.


Please help share our project with family and friends by sending out our website, and donation requests by sharing the following information:


Website: http://wynnmemorialcogic.com/family-empowerment-zone.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WynnMemorial/

PayPal: http://wynnmemorialcogic.com/donate.html

Checks / Cash: Mail to Wynn Memorial Church, P.O. Box 5274, Oroville, CA 95966

501c3 Number: 68-0340075

Donating Items: Please call our office: 530.533.9029 or Email: info@wynnmemorialcogic.com


The founding of Big Mama's BBQ Place was a vehicle to establish a business to bring barbecue to Oroville and provide jobs, training and family atmosphere to the community.


Ed’s learning of the art of cooking goes back generations in his family.  His southern roots are from Montgomery, AL and Plaquemine, LA.  His family loves to cook and help their community.


In June 2018, Melvin and Diane Strong founded Big Mama’s #1 BBQ in Biggs, CA and Melvin separated from Big Mama’s BBQ Place in Oroville.  Big Mama’s #1 BBQ is not associated with Big Mama’s BBQ Place.


After Melvin separated from Big Mama’s BBQ Place, Edward Hall set out to create add authentic Cajun food to Big Mama’s menu.  Ed’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, he is just trying to express his rich family story on a southern traditional family plate.


The secret is out! Starting in September 2018, Big Mama’s BBQ Place is adding southern hospitality and the delicious flavors of Louisiana to Northern California.





Big Mama's BBQ Place

1835 Oro Dam Blvd E,

Oroville, CA 95966

Email: info@bigmamasbbqplace.com

Phone: 530.282.4274

Copyright 2008 Big Mama's BBQ Place


Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm

Saturday - Sunday Closed

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